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Chef Bonnie

Personal Chef - Orange County, California

Healthy Homestyle - Gluten & Other Allergies - Vegan

Bonnie Goodman

Personal Chef Serving Orange County

Many families in Orange County are turning to Personal Chefs to prepare them delicious and healthy meals.  If you are struggling to find time to cook or are looking for alternatives to the drive-thru window, Chef Bonnie can take the pressure off your shoulders, and provide delicious meals for you and your family in the convenience of your own home.

From meal planning, to grocery shopping, to cooking, to cleanup, it's an invaluable FULL SERVICE that brings dinner back home.  


In-home Personal Chef Service

Getting Started

Contact us and we will set up an appointment to meet with you at your home.  As your personal chef, Chef Bonnie wants to understand what you like to eat and your dietary goals.  Are you gluten free, soy free, dairy free or vegan? All you need to do is tell her what you need.  It's that simple. Armed with this information, she will customize menus for you and assist you in selecting an initial set of meals for your first cook date.

Take a look at Bonnie's seasonal menu for the In-home service.

Cooking Day

Bonnie gets an early start shopping for the freshest ingredients at affordable prices.  Once she has made her customary stops to the local grocers, she then heads over to your home to begin cooking your meals. Bonnie arrives with her mobile kitchen in tow including all her own cutlery and cookware.  All you need to provide is adequate counter space, a working stove and oven, and a place to store the finished meals.  Everything is prepared fresh to your specifications in the safety of your own home.


Dinner Time

When you arrive home, you will be greeted with the aroma of your freshly prepared meals.  You will also find the kitchen exactly as you left it.  As you open the refrigerator you will see the meals organized into individual or family style servings.  Each container will be labeled with specific heating and serving instructions tailored to your liking (e.g. oven, microwave, plating suggestions).



We're  sorry,  Chef  Bonnie's  In-home  service  is  currently  full.  

Contact us if you would like to be put on her waiting list.

3 ENTREES AND 3 SIDES (4 SERVINGS EACH): $385 (*not including* GROCERIES)

Pricing includes research and menu planning, travel, grocery shopping, approximately 4 hours of cooking, packaging, labels with heating instructions, cleanup. and trash removal.

Fixed Menu Delivery Service

Chef Bonnie's Fixed Menu Delivery Service offers her same meals for delivery right to your home.


2 Entrees and 2 sides (4 SERVINGS EACH): $375 (*including* groceries)


Select a service date and pick 2 entrees and 2 sides from the available menu items and you are ready to go!  Signup is on a first come first serve basis and is made at least one week in advance.  Late signups (up to 48 hours before the cook date) are welcome, $395 (*including* groceries).

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About Bonnie

Bonnie's two loves in life are her family and cooking.  When she's not cooking, Bonnie enjoys practicing Taichi and walking her two dogs.

After graduating from UCLA, Bonnie joined the LPGA as a Golf Club Professional but eventually chose to forego her career when she and her husband, Greg, started their family. For the past 20 years, Bonnie has been at home with her kids, wearing many different hats along the way.  What started out as being a mild interest in cooking eventually became Bonnie's new passion.

Running from one event to another, it's so easy to give into fast food.  I want to provide a healthy and affordable alternative.

Bonnie now centers her cooking style around "healthy homestyle" meals that the whole family can enjoy. She relies on fresh ingredients, smart substitutions, and proper cooking techniques to create healthier versions of traditional dishes and favorite comfort foods.

Bonnie continues to always explore new approaches in cooking and nutrition by completing advanced certification courses at Laguna Culinary Arts in Laguna Beach, CA and T. Collin Campbell Foundation's Plant Based Nutrition Program through eCornell. She's a Certified Food Safety Manager by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

No more last minute drive-thru’s! Instead we get to sit down and have a true family dinner. 
     -Karen, Irvine, CA

After a busy day, I love coming home to the smell of Bonnie’s cooking.
     -Gail, Tustin, CA

My Dad lives alone and leads a very active lifestyle.  He doesn't like to spend time in the kitchen. Now each week he looks forward to Bonnie's great dishes.
     -Scott, Newport Beach, CA

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Chef Bonnie